Team competition

You do not only want to compete for the individual ranking, but also with a team? You want
to represent your gym or box along with all your fellow members you used to train with? You
can have it all!
As part of the Deka Fit event, the Team Competition is offering you the possibility to
compete with your teammates against other teams and be part of a Team ranking.

How does it work?
When you register yourself for the Deka Fit Event, you will also be able to create a team or
join an existing team. A team is composed by 3 team members and can be either all female,
all male or mixed teams. However, only all female and all male teams are entering the team
How does the ranking work?
Your time of your individual competition counts for both: the individual ranking and the
team ranking. So for the team ranking result, the times of the 3 team members add up to
your team time. Fastest time wins.
You can start alongside your teammates or at different start times- this won’t affect your
result, as the times are just added up regardless of who starts in which heat.
The 5 top teams will then battle a last round at the end of the day to define the top 3
teams to be awarded. Best time wins.



Last but not least: represent your club!
During the registration process, you will also be able to create or join a “Club”. A “Club”
can be for example your Gym, your Box or any other group you would like to represent and
join together. So make it your mission to have all your gym join your club and represent the
colors of your home gym. An overall club ranking will show the biggest clubs.


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